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Steak, Chicken, Seafood and Pork Bundles Available

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All NaturalNo Hormones or SteroidsIndividually Sealed $299.00 for 60 servings
Chicago Prime Cuts Chicken
Chicago Prime Cuts Pork


Only the highest quality pork products.  Bundles consist of ribs ,italian sausage, chops,tenderloins, and roasts!$329-$349 per case 


Jumbo ShrimpLobsterWeekly ShipmentsAlways Freshbundles can vary $399.00

Prime 1

8-5oz fillets5-8oz strips6-6oz sirlion6-6oz flat irons18 prime burgers4-10oz delmonico rib eye47 cuts at $9.55 at steak. $449.00

Stock up bundle

Buy 2 Prime 1 case $449.00 each
receive Case of tomahawk ribeye
plus one variety of your choice for free!

Prime 2

2-20oz t-bones2-20oz bone in ribeye4-12oz new york strips8-8oz ranch cut sirlion6-8oz flat irons16 smash burgers38 servings $15.05 a piece $589.00